When did the Town of Newmarket purchase the Mulock Property?

    October 2018

    Will the Mulock House be preserved?

    The Mulock House on the property is designated under the Ontario Heritage Act and will be preserved by the Town.

    What was Sir William Mulock known for?

    Sir William Mulock held many prestigious positions as a lawyer, businessman, educator, farmer, politician, judge, and philanthropist. In academia, Mulock taught Modern Languages at the University of Toronto and later served as the vice-chancellor. From 1882 to 1905, Mulock was elected to the House of Commons as a Member of Parliament. As a Cabinet Minister, Mulock served as the Postmaster-General (1896 to 1905) and later established the Department of Labor (1900).

    Where was Sir William Mulock born?

    Born in Bond Head, Mulock's family moved to Newmarket where he spent his childhood, before moving to Toronto for post-secondary education.

    When was the Mulock Property first built?

    The storied home was built in 1870.

    When did Sir William Mulock purchase the property?

    In the late 1800s, Sir William Mulock purchased the 200-acre property in Newmarket, intended to serve as his summer home. However, the property soon became a frequent place for important meetings, special occasions, and social gatherings for notable guests. Some famous guests include Guglielmo Marconi (inventor and electrical engineer of the radiotelegraph), Frederick Banting and Charles Best, who discovered insulin and the Prince of Wales (Edward VIII).

    How big is the Mulock Property?

    Approximately 11.6 acres of land at the north west corner of Mulock Drive and Yonge Street.