What is a Fire Master Plan?

    The Fire Master Plan is a strategic plan that will guide the Joint Council Committee (JCC) and both Newmarket and Aurora Town Councils for the next ten years in providing effective and efficient fire protection and emergency services to the Towns it serves. 

    The Fire Master Plan will aim to enhance the use of the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Three Lines of Defence model to support fire risk reduction and mitigation.

    The three lines of defence are:

    1. Public Education and Prevention;
    2. Fire Safety Standards and Code Enforcement; and,
    3. Emergency Response.

    What is a Community Risk Assessment?

    A Community Risk Assessment will help identify risks and community needs. The assessment is based on analysis of nine mandatory profiles related to existing fire risk and feedback from the community.  The nine profiles include:

    • Geographic
    • Demographic
    • Building Stock
    • Critical Infrastructure
    • Hazard
    • Community Service
    • Public Safety Response
    • Past Loss Event History
    • Economic

    Why do we need a Community Risk Assessment and a Fire Master Plan?

    The master fire plan is a strategic blueprint for fire protection that addresses all local needs and circumstances while managing fiscal responsibility.

    The master fire plan is a framework for municipal decision making which should link council policy setting responsibility and the fire service operational expertise to accommodate short, medium or long term planning.