Principle of Development

The item at issue for this application is what is called the Principle of Development. Council has to decide if it is appropriate to allow development on some of the subject lands. Later in the process, if it is approved, there will be detailed discussions about particular land uses, density, number of units, road layouts, park design, and many many other details. 

In making a decision on these lands there are many considerations that have to evaluated. Matters such as environmental protection, provision of public parks and trails, public ownership of woodlots (which are currently all private), recreation opportunities, different forms of housing, affordable housing, if there is servicing (water, wastewater, and stormwater) capacity, if there is transportation capacity (roads and mass transit), and the financial impacts on the Town (costs in providing services to all of the new residents) all factor into the decision.

What are your thoughts on all or any of these complex variables? 

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